Touristic routes

SAN GIMIGNANO (20 km away)
Picturesque town that maintains all its medieval appearance. It is characterized by its many towers, its monuments and artistic treasures that make it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Tuscany.
VOLTERRA (40 km away)
Situated in a strategic point on a high hill dominating the Val d'Elsa and Val di Cecina till the sea, Volterra is a city with a long history, and it is even important for the manufacturing of alabaster.
CERTALDO (7 km away)
Boccaccio's birthplace, agricultural and industrial center of the Valdelsa. In Certaldo there are many buildings of historical and artistic interest. We suggest to visit the medieval village with Boccaccio's house and the Praetorian Palace.
MONTAIONE (2 km away)
Small town full of history and legend. There are many places of historical and artistic interest, such as the Praetorian Palace, the church of St. Regulus and the Roman cistern.
SAN MINIATO ( 16 km away)
The historical center is strategically located on a triple hill overlooking the plain of the river Arno. In the Middle Ages, San Miniato was the seat of the Imperial Vicar. Between the visit to a church and the look at a historic building, do not forget to discover the archaeological site of San Genesio.
FUCECCHIO (25 km away)
the old town with the castle, the fortress and the religious complex  are the most Noteworthy elements, together with the vast territory of its countryside, characterized by hills Montellori and, above all, from Cerbaie and the marsh. It is suggested even to visit the Abbey of San Salvatore and the Collegiate Church of St. John the Baptist.
MONTESPERTOLI (12 km away)
Ancient town a few kilometers far from Florence, Montespertoli has many monuments and places of interest to visit, religious buildings, military and natural places. And in the locality Baccanano, the source "Acqua Bolle" must be absolutely visited..
CERRETO GUIDI (20 km away)
Lovely town in the province of Florence, it is situated in a predominantly agricultural area, still rich of traditional crops of grapes and olives. To be visited the Villa Medici, the Parish of St. Leonard with the Robbiano Baptistery and the shrine of St. Liberata.
EMPOLI (17 km away)
Beautiful and sunny town that offers many pleasant places to see. You should visit the Collegiate Church of St. Andrew, the Museum of the Collegiate, the Church of St. Stephen and, in the hamlet of Santa Maria a Ripa, the homonymous church.
MONTERAPPOLI ( 10 km away)
Hamlet of Empoli, is rich in nice places such as, the Romanesque church of St. John or the church of San Michele, in the locality Pontorme.
VINCI ( 30 km away)
A city of great historical interest with considerable religious, civil and military architecture. We suggest to visit the Museum of Leonardo da Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo in Anchiano and the Parish of St. John the Baptist in the locality Ansano.
MONTELUPO (a27 km away)
Famous for the production of ceramics and glass. We recommend to visit the Priory of San Lorenzo and the Villa Medicea Ambrogiana.
CAPRAIA E LIMITE (27 km away)
A small town formed by the union of two villages that have always been distinct both historically and for their urban-territorial conformation. We suggest a visit to the Castle of Capraia Fiorentina and the church of Santo Stefano.